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I am an everyday warrior working to bring together ideas, people and actions for the ‘Skills for All’ mission. 

Modern day disruptions such as digitalisation, industry 4.0 , migration, climate change have a direct impact on education delivery and acquisition. This fast changing world of work requires a thorough revamp of existing education systems.  Aligning these systems to the labour market needs while matching aptitude of young learners with their vocation is the 21st century imperative. In this information and technology overload era vocational skills are the decisive center piece. As knowledge becomes freely available skills will be the rare commodity, the secret sauce, that will take enterprises (esp SMEs), workers (formal, informal or gig economy) and public initiatives (targeting higher and more inclusive growth) towards success. Therefore, vocational education & skills development is no more a talking point. It is the action agenda that can drive companies towards profits, young people into active employment and self reliance, countries towards social and economic stability.  Skills is everywhere. Skills is for All. We are all in this together!

Presently, I work with public & private institutions, enterprises, foundations, think tanks and experts in creating practical, implementable, impactful solutions around the following questions :

(a) Do investments in Vocational Education & Training yield returns?

(b) What innovations and best practices can improve work-based learning and apprenticeship programmes ?

(c) How can dual principles of vocational training be used to deliver outcomes in non- dual education systems ?

(d) How to engage Employers & Learners as active partners in skills implementation and acquisition respectively ?

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