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Someone asked me ‘What can I do for my child to get good grades and have a successful career?’ As an average student who almost rolled through science in senior school, i didn’t have much to say. But one thing I could say from experience is – give your kids the conducive environment which nurtures their ‘Temperament’.

Although most experts believe that Temperament is genetic and biological, environmental factors do contribute to the ways it is expressed, esp in children. Temperament or behavior styles deeply influence family life. It effects interactions between parents and children, siblings, partners. Most individuals tend to have aspects of their personality that identify with each of the four temperaments.

Temperament is the key ingredient for shaping the personality, attitudes, adaptability, intentions etc. Something so important in everyday life and now the world of work. It is the thing that needs to be constantly nurtured, especially in growing kids, who will mirror almost everything they see – now also on TV and internet.

Of the several 1000s interviews I must have given or conducted in my career for jobs/projects/articles etc etc, it’s always about ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do with it’. This has been especially true in the international contexts, where no one cares what titles you have/had and its all about the attitude, mind-set and might I add ‘temperament’.

This phenomenon, although not talked about much, will surely make a comeback as man and machine interactions will demand more emotion from our species in the coming generations.

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