Impact of #COVID19: remote learning in work-based learning

This mornings remote learning for #WBL discussion led by Dana Bachman and #ApprenEU was interesting on several accounts. Here you will find my top 5 insights from the live discussion.

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This mornings remote learning for #WBL discussion led by Dana Bachman and #ApprenEU was interesting on several accounts. Thanks to Isabell Grundschober for inviting me.

Remote Learning is a very interesting concept. It occurs when the learner and instructor, or source of information, are separated by time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting. Information is typically transmitted via technology (email, discussion boards, video conference, audio bridge) so that no physical presence in the classroom is required; otherwise, it would be Hybrid or Blended Learning. Remote learning can occur synchronously or asynchronously. Also referred to as Distance EducationVirtual Instruction, or Remote Training. Read more details here :

Here are my Top 5 insights from the live discussion:

Insight 1 : Companies such as @Siemens have adapted to minimise impact of #COVID19 on #apprenticeships. Trainers are the key so they organise weekly sessions between trainers and trainees to discuss hot topics.

Insight 2: For #apprentices this is very stressful time. Most are familiar with the tech tools & enjoy learning with gamification, but they are yet to fully adapt to learning remotely.

Insight 3 : The issues with engaging #apprentices is not just tech & preparedness but Unpaid apprenticeship salaries, Need for mental health support, Free access to basic Technology hardware and tools, and possibility to finish their Training and Apprenticeships this year.

Insight 4 : @MUC_Airport employs apprentices in number of professions (wow!). COVID19 impact is a challenge not only for the business but also for continuing the training.

Insight 5 : Under the dual system an apprentice spends part of their time at Vocational Schools. Since these schools were closed, we pitched in to organise #remotelearning and cover up for the part of the school as well.

You can get more insights on latest trends and how remote learning can be incorporated into your skilling/reskilling/upskilling initiatives here:

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