It is likely that in the next 10 years, impacted by the transitions and changes in job market, more and more youngsters will chose skill-based professions over paper qualifications. Employers will offer on-demand work and seek talent that is high-skilled, specialized and can work from anywhere. In these times to come, Skills will be really become a global currency and your ‘VOCATION WILL BE THE NEW SUPERPOWER’.

As a global citizen, I have lived, worked and travelled to over 450 cities in 25 countries with the goal of building networks, partnerships and lifelong friendships. I have delivered speeches on future trends, implemented projects, created partnership networks, drafted policy reports, launched strategic initiatives and managed complex stakeholder engagement processes. My favorite part however is building capacities of institutions and creating platforms for ‘practitioners’ – the real people who prepare future generations for TVET, Skills and Jobs of the Future.

Once such platform that I curate and manage is #TVETChat on Twitter. It is the only global twitter community dedicated to everything TVET. In a #TVETChat all are equal. There are no titles, institutional paid spots or product promotions. It is practitioners from over 15 countries coming together every week to discuss/share/learn.

I write/talk/chat and influence the skills community via my alias – theskillspundit – on twitter and through @TVETChat . This blog is a place to share the lessons learnt, ask some tough questions and work with you – hand in hand- to prepare for the global transition, together!

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